mardi 18 décembre 2007

A quick look from the rear of the chassis.
Cheers, Tom

lundi 17 décembre 2007

Full Body Shape

Hello all,
Here is the body on top of the chassis. The Avante look is almost there, when the material and the postion will be final, I will try to photoshop the decals on it..can't figure out to do it in 3D or texture mapping. Hope you all dig my work :-)
14 hours renderings, maxwell 1.6, 2200x1350 px, multilight .

mardi 16 octobre 2007

So kitch, so cheesy, so good

Being busy at home and at work I can't update the blog as much as I want. But I can't resist to link the original Avante advertising video.. :) let's sit back, crack a beer can and enjoy...

mardi 21 août 2007

TAMIYA AVANTE "Being Nuts is Neat !"

Enjoy the very first rendering of the almost total model. :-)
A lot of work has been put into the 3D and materials, I have to finish the wires and install the boby. Then I could do some research for the lighting.
Maxwell 1.5, 540', 17sl, 1600x1200, macpro quad 2,66, 5GB

mardi 31 juillet 2007

Close up

Here is a close up of the condensator..
I can't wait to fit it into the chassis :)
Stay tuned...

The heart of the machine.

Hey all, Wazzup today ?
I couldn't do the Avante project without a little craquage about the famous engine :)
Here is the Technigold aka RX-540 VZ,kit N°50290.
SPECIFICATIONS : Voltage 7.2V/ RPM no load 22.000 /Amp no load 2.2 / W 183 / 0.8 x 21

Hope you enjoy..

vendredi 15 juin 2007


Here is an neat update :) . Hope you like it
Thanks to Pierre L. , an another Avante fan, who send me the scans of the jewel box as I'm not sooo lucky to have one of those. The chassis is almost done and need materials fine tunning.
If you got that box and want to get rid of it :-D, just shoot me an email..
2400x1800, M1.5, 600', 16SL

mardi 5 juin 2007

Now the Oil Shock

Here are the Avante's oil dampers. Again, there were design to match the famous Kyosho Gold Shocks, but they are way to weak to bring up the car after a bump. Love them, though, with the special spring profile .. I did them in low-polygones objects, I must keep room for the whole car..héhé. About the bottle, I modelised it following the one I had here, with the reversed stickers. Don't know if this is genuine :-/
I also try, for the first time, some specials materials with light attenuation. Maxwell 1.5 render, 320 minutes, 1280/960.

dimanche 3 juin 2007

First Part !

I started the modelling with the most "Avante" part.. The famous Yellow rims and the unique uneffective Cam-Loc system.

This is the beginning

This is the Avante in all her glory.. Yellow shoes, Blue dress, constant four wheels drive, shaft transmission, RX 540 VZ TechniGold inside feeded with a 7,2V stick. Here is a good resume of her CV on Classic Tamiya RC.